Cecilus Segmunt
 Kanji セシルス・セグムント
 Romaji Seshirusu Segumunto
 Alias One (壱 Ichi)
Blue Lightning (青き雷光 Aoki Raikou)
Vollachia's Blue Thunder (ヴォラキアの青き雷光 Vorakia No Aoki Raikou)
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Age Mid 20s
 Hair Color Dark Blue
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Vollachia Empire
 Occupation General
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Weapon Murasame
• Debuts•
 Light Novel Imperial Diplomacy of Bloodshed

Cecilus Segmunt (セシルス・セグムント) is the number one ranked Nine God General of the Vollachia Empire.


Cecilus is a young man with his dark blue hair tied behind his head. He wears a blue Kararagi kimono and zoori also from Kararagi.


As the strongest member of the Nine God Generals, Cecilus is shown to be prideful, believing that he should be the center of the universe and therefore receive attention and praise. Despite this, he is absolutely loyal to the emperor, referring to himself as his sword, and is impossible to bribe. He is also implied to be somewhat of a flirt as he told the thugs that attacked him that he would be far happier to give them his signature if they were women. He is also shown to be generous, as when he gave the owner of a restaurant too much holy coins and he mentioned that she deserved it.


Blue Thunder (青雷 Seirai): Ceclius is able to attack his opponents with blue thunder, which is the origin of his epithet. He can also imbue his katanas with its power.

Extraordinary Speed: Cecilus is able to move as fast as lightning, surpassing human senses, being able to run right through checkpoints without being noticed. When he's serious, he removes his zoori before he runs.

Equipment: Cecilus wields two katana in a red and a white scabbard respectively which he usually keeps at his waist. His main katana is called Murasame (村雨) and his second katana is named Masayume (正夢). He also has two short swords and his fifth was broken by Julius.

Immense Power: Cecilus is the third person that Reinhard was able to draw his sword against.