Elsa Granhirte Anime
Elsa Granhiert
 Kanji エルザ・グランヒルテ
 Romaji Eruza Guranhirute
 Alias Bowel Hunter (腸狩り Harawatagari)
• Characteristics•
 Race Vampire
 Gender Female
 Age 23
 Hair Color Black
 Eye Color Black (light novel)
Purple (anime)
 Height 168 cm (5'6")
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Assassination Organization
 Occupation Assassin
• Personal Status•
 Status Deceased
 Relative(s) Meili Portroute (partner)
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Weapon Northern Swords
 Equipment Magic Negating Cloak
• Debuts•
 Light Novel Volume 1
 Manga Chapter 3
 Anime Episode 1
• Portrayal•
 Japanese Voice Noto Mamiko

Elsa Granhiert (エルザ・グランヒルテ) was an assassin working together with Meili for a Gusteko affiliated organization until her death.


Elsa has long black hair tied into one tail on the left side along with eyes that droop, giving her a gentle aura. She wears a black dress and wields bent black swords from the northern lands.


Elsa is a battle maniac, not even hesitating to injure herself if she can fight strong opponents, which is helped by her abnormal healing rate. This is also shown through her persistence. Despite being a Vampire, she doesn't drink blood, nor does she receive any ill effects when under the sun. Her favorite things are seeing colorful bowels and touching warm looking internal organs. Within combat, she enjoys cleaving through the abdominal region with the intent of tearing the target's bowels out.

Elsa also enjoys knitting cotton dolls, especially after a good kill, and mentions to have over 10 years of experience. Although it isn't mentioned, she presumably destroys them later.


Volume 1Edit

Elsa first appeared when she kills Subaru in the loot house, and shortly after, Satella. She appeared again after Subaru's revival when he tries to negotiate with Felt for Emilia's insignia.

After she lost in a bidding war to Subaru, she asked him what he will use the insignia for. Subaru answered her by stating that he will return it to its owner. As a result, Elsa began to attack him, Old Man Rom, and Felt. Despite Rom and Felt trying to retaliate, she ended up killing both of them, one by one. She finally faces off Subaru, and admires his determination. Subaru managed to dodge one of her strikes before kicking her. However, he then realized he was cut open again and dies again.

Later, in his fourth life, Subaru accidentally ran into Elsa. He tried to hide his fear, yet Elsa claimed that she can smell it. She lets him go as she had somewhere she needed to go, but says she thinks that they will meet again one day. She later arrived at the Stolen Goods Warehouse shortly after Satella. She was momentarily restrained by Pack's usage of ice magic, but the Spirit soon had to leave as his time limit ran out. Subaru, using his prior knowledge off her tactics, then provided a distraction so that Felt can leave to find help.

Just as she was about to have Subaru cornered, he was saved by the timely intervention of Reinhard, who came after hearing Felt's plea for help. Amused at having the sword saint as her opponent, Elsa asks if he would use the sword on his hip, as she would love to taste its legendary sharpness. However, Reinhard replied that he will only draw his sword when it is necessarily and today was not one of those times. Instead, he will use the sword he found on the floor to defeat her. During their fight, Reinhard easily disarmed Elsa of one of her swords, and asked if she would surrender after losing all of her weapons. Elsa retorted that, as the Bowel Hunter, she would fight with her claws if she lost her fangs, her bones if she lost her claws, and her life if she lost her bones. Drawing another sword, she kicked off to the ceiling and resumed her hit and run strategy against the Sword Saint.

After the healing was complete for Old Man Rom, Subaru gave the okay signal to Reinhard, who then proceeded to draw the mana of the room to himself and completely annihilate the surrounding interior of the room with a single swing. As everyone was celebrating their victory, Elsa emerged from the rubble and lunged at Satella. Seeing this, Subaru quickly reacted to defend the girl and used Old Man Rom's club to parry the blow. With no more reason to continue to the fight, Elsa threw her sword at Reinhard as a distraction before fleeing.


Skilled Assassin: Elsa is skilled as an assassin, being able to overwhelm opponents such as Rom and Frederica. However, she was unable to assassinate Cecilus, and according to Meili she would be unable to kill "Mama".

Blessing (祝福): Elsa's recovery ability is known as Blessing. There seems to be a condition for it to activate, as Reinhard's attack didn't trigger it.

Divine Protection (加護 Kago): According to the author, Elsa has an unnamed Divine Protection.

Equipment: Elsa wields kukri knives and throwing knives which she uses in combat. She keeps spares inside of her clothes in case she needs them.


  • According to the author, Elsa's birthday is April 29, a pun on death and meat.


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