Fribal van Astrea
 Kanji フライバル・ヴァン・アストレア
 Romaji Furaibaru van Asutorea
 Alias Sword Saint (剣聖 Kensei)
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Hair Color Red
 Eye Color Blue
• Professional Status•
 Previous Affiliation Kingdom of Lugnica
 Previous Occupation Knight
• Personal Status•
 Status Deceased
 Relative(s) Reid Astrea (ancestor)
Veltol Astrea (relative)
Tishua Astrea (relative
Thearesia van Astrea (niece)
Thames Astrea (nephew)
Carlan Astrea (nephew)
Cassiles Astrea (nephew)
Wilhelm van Astrea (nephew in law)
Heinkel Astrea (grandnephew)
Louanna Astrea (grandniece in law)
Reinhard van Astrea (grand grandnephew)
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Divine Protection Sword Saint
Various others
 Weapon Dragon Sword Reid (former)
• Debuts•
 Light Novel Ex Volume 2 (mentioned)

Fribal van Astrea (フライバル・ヴァン・アストレア) was Thearesia van Astrea's uncle and the Sword Saint before her.


Fribal has yet to appear in the story, but as a member of the Astrea family it can be assumed he had red hair and blue eyes.


Sometime before the Demi Human War, Fribal's Sword Saint powers transferred to his niece, Thearesia van Astrea. During the Demi Human War, Fribal fought against the Demi Humans and died.


Sword Saint (剣聖 Kensei): Fribal was the Sword Saint until he was succeeded by Thearesia.

Divine Protection (加護 Kago): As the Sword Saint, Fribal had many Divine Protections.

Master Swordsman: Fribal was highly skilled at using the sword.

Equipment: As the former Sword Saint, Fribal wielded the Dragon Sword Reid (龍剣レイド Ryuuken Reido). The sword can only be drawn against opponents it deems worthy for it to be used against.