Gionis Lugnica Ex 3
Gionis Lugnica
 Kanji ジオニス・ルグニカ
 Romaji Jionisu Rugunica
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Hair Color Gold
 Eye Color Red
• Professional Status•
 Previous Affiliation Kingdom of Lugnica
 Previous Occupation 40th King of Lugnica
• Personal Status•
 Status Deceased
 Relative(s) Farsale Lugnica (ancestor)
Emerada Lugnica (ancestor)
Randohal Lugnica (relative)
Ford Lugnica (relative)
Zabinel Lugnica (descendant)
Fourier Lugnica (descendant)

Gionis Lugnica (ジオニス・ルグニカ) was the 40th King of Lugnica. He was succeeded by Randohal Lugnica.


Gionis has yet to appear in the story, but as a member of the royal family it can be assumed he has gold hair and red eyes.


Gionis was a generous and moral person as shown when he forgave Wilhelm when he broke into Thearesia's sword ceremony. However, Gionis was mentioned to be not suitable for military services, following into the conflicts between Lugnica and the Vollachia Empire with Stride Vollachia.