Kararagi City State (カララギ都市国家), usually referred to as Kararagi (カララギ), is a country located to the west of Lugnica.


Kararagi is similar to Japan in various ways, such as speaking a Kansai dialect, having an architectural style known as Wafuu, and a food similar to okonomiyaki known as daisukiyaki.

Based on the official name of Kararagi given by Julius, it can be inferred that the country is a city state. However, it's unknown whether it is only one city state or includes a group of city states.


Kararagi was founded by a man named Hoshin of the Wilderness (荒地のホーシン Arechi no Hooshin), a man speculated to be from the same world as Subaru and Al. He introduced many things similar to Japanese culture to the country.


Free Trade Metropolitan Area (自由交易都市群 Jiyuu Boueki Toshigun): The Free Trade Metropolitan Area is presumably a metropolitan area that allows free trade. It is also where Anastasia is from and she is from the lower class.

Hoshin Trading Company (ホーシン商会 Hooshin Shoukai): The Hoshin Trading Company was originally called the Ryuushika Business Association (リューシカ商工会 Ryuushika Shoukoukai), of which she used to be a member until she bought them and renamed the company, taking over as the president in the process. Since then she has used her business skills to make it grow into a major power within Kararagi.

Banan (バナン): The city where the Rem IF/Natsuki Rem takes place.

Zarestia's Bed (ザーレスティアの寝床 Zarestia no Nedoko): A cavern on the western edge of Kararagi inhabited by the Great Spirit Zarestia, who kills anyone who enters.


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