Kingdom Lugnica

The Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica (ルグニカ王国 Rugunika Ōkoku) is the country where most of the events take place in.



The Kingdom of Lugnica is a large country located on the eastern side of the continent. The capital city is divided into five layers who are also known as districts, with the highest and first layer being the royalty layer, second layer for the nobility, third layer for economic and commercial reasons, fourth layer for the average citizen and the lowest layer for the poor, which is also known as the Poor District.


Starting with the Royal Capital Lugnica with a population of around 300,000 in the center, six other large cities with populations of 200,000 to 300,000 are placed around it in a hexagram shape. There are other small cities, towns, villages, and settlements.


Lugnica is also referred to as the Dragon Kingdom Lugnica (親竜王国ルグニカ Shinryū Ōkoku Rugunika), having prospered due to the covenant with "The Dragon". As all members of the royal family are deceased, martial law is currently in effect, with the Sage Council taking over for the time being. In accordance with the prophecy board, five women were selected as candidates to become the new king.


The best mages of each of the six elements are given a color title (『色』の称号 Iro no Shougou), which are aliases that show their skill with a particular element. These titles were first created when Lugnica reorganized the basis of their magic system following the Demi Human War. Currently, Blue (water) belongs to Ferris, Red (fire), Green (wind), and Yellow (earth) are Roswaal's, and black (yin) and white (yang) are vacant.


The country worships Volcanica as it's national deity and he is bound by a covenant established with the members of the royal family centuries ago.


Coinage in Lugnica comes in two known types gold coins and the more valuable sacred gold coins. The price of things changes from time to time, especially in trade of vital resources in Lugnica like iron products and mana stones.


In Lugnica, the duration of the day is divided into sweet, bright hours and another twelve dark hours, with such a twenty-four hour all day. One way of guiding is with a sighted glass similar to the clock, from noon to 6 of the bright hours the element of wind was shown (green), and for the remaining 6 bright hours it was of fire (red color). In the first 6 dark hours it was the water (blue color), and in the last 6 hours it showed the earth (yellow color).


400 years agoEdit

  • The Sanctuary is assaulted by Hector, but Echidna enacts a barrier in time to fend him off.

100 years agoEdit

60 years agoEdit

  • Emerada Lugnica died at a young age due to a disease which also killed all the royal family members 60 years later. The news of her death was hidden for a while.

40 years agoEdit

  • The Demi Human War began that lasted for ten years. Due to the actions of the Witch of Envy, Half Elves and other half races were considered to be heretical, with the prejudice extending to Demi Humans themselves. Amidst all of that, a Demi Human village was involved in a conflict with a Human village, and at a peace conference those sent from the castle were assassinated, leading both sides to claim that it was the other side's fault. The conflict eventually grew until it spread across Lugnica, lasting until the Demi Humans admitted that it wouldn't benefit anyone to keep on fighting, though they still claimed not to be responsible for the assassination. The decision to end the war was known to have been influenced by the previous Sword Saint's involvement. Damage from the war existed deep within people and people still harbor prejudice against half races even if it isn't spoken aloud.

14 years agoEdit

  • Thearesia van Astrea, and a company of knights was sent on a expedition to subjugate the Hakugei who had appeared in the country during that time. However, the mission ended in failure and Thearesia did not return among the few remaining survivors.
  • Ford's daughter was kidnapped by some intruders in the castle. The daughter is suspected to be Felt and the intruders are suspected to be hired by Heinkel Astrea.

7 years agoEdit

  • Pack battled against Melakuera, the Great Spirit of Fire and he lost its position to Pack following its defeat to him. Sometime later, Pack unfroze Emilia and began to act as her friend and mentor.

1 year agoEdit

  • All members of the royal family started to die due the same unknown disease.
  • Crusch meets with Wilhelm and invites him into her camp in exchange for assistance in hunting the White Whale.

6 months agoEdit

  • Lugunica enters a non-aggression pact with Vollachia.


Lugnica: Lugnica is the capital of the Kingdom of Lugnica.

  • Prison Tower (監獄塔): The Prison Tower is a tower adjacent to the royal castle and is used to imprison those who have committed serious crimes.
  • Healing Institute (王国治療院): A facility where excellent healers are gathered from all over the country. It is located in the Noble district of the capital.
Re Zero Light Novel Volume 16 1

Priestella (プリステラ Purisutera): Also known as the Water Gate City (水門都市 Suimon Toshi), Priestella is one of the five major cities of Lugnica and is the closest to Kararagi with the Tigracy River separating them. It is a beautiful city and a famous tourist location that is built in the middle of a large lake, with waterways running through the city. The waterways divide the city into four parts called avenues which are numbered clockwise from the main gate. It is also the birthplace of Hoshin of the Wilderness and has been long associated with merchants because of its proximity to Kararagi.

  • Tigracy Bridge: A stone bridge that sits over the Tigracy River on the Lugnican side which leads to the front gates of Priestella.
  • Water Plumage Inn (水の羽衣亭 Mizu no Hagoromo-tei): A Kararagi style inn located in Priestella's first avenue.
  • City Hall: The City Hall is a tall building in the center of the city. It houses a large communication device used to boardcast all over the city.

Picoutatte (ピックタット): Picoutatte is one of Lugnica's five major cities. It is a beautiful merchant city separated into five different areas: north, south, east, west, and central. The rules and features are different in each area. The Suwen Trading Company is located in the west area.

Pappelt (パッペルト) : A town where Regin Suwen, Otto's younger brother lives. This town in endangered by Earth Spider's web.

Flanders (フランダース): Flanders is one of Lugnica's five major cities located in southern part of the country in the Hyclara Plateau. It is also known as the Earth Dragon Capital (地竜の都 Chiryuu no Miyako) due to being known as the place where Earth Dragons originated from. Volcanica is said to have become friends with Reid and Shaula here, in addition to the land being blessed by the dragon so that Earth Dragons would be born. The Astrea territory is located nearby.

Aihia Wetlands (アイヒア湿地帯): The Aihia Wetlands are one of sites where the Demi Human War was fought.

Shamrock Valley (シャムロック渓谷): A valley where Sphinx' Testing Ground (スピンクスの実験場) is located. The grounds cannot be entered without her od or something that contains it.

Hakchuri (ハクチュリ): Hakchuri is the only small city within the Astrea territory and is where the Astrea Mansion is located. The Hyclara Plateaus lies between it and Flanders. Its main industries are agriculture, livestock, and Earth Dragons. Brown haired people are more common in the area while blonde haired people are more common near the capital.

  • Astrea Mansion: The Astrea Mansion is a big mansion with flower beds in the garden that Wilhelm van Astrea liked.

Fleur (フルール): A small stopover town on the longer route to Roswaal's territory. Subaru met a drunk Otto here in one loop and hired him for a ride after staying the night there. It is mentioned that Fleur is Grimm Fauzen's home town.

Cramlin (クラムリン): A town near the capital. It is located in the southeast of the capital.

  • Mount Cordor : A mountain which is also known as Nest of the Earthsnakes is near the town of Cramlin.

Mill Gray (ミルグレー): A city near the capital. It is located western of Fleur.

Bonobo (ボノボ): A city near the capital. It is located between Mill Gray and Cramlin

Lifaus Highway: A large thoroughfare where Flugel's Tree formerly stood. The tree is large enough that it can be seen for miles, though it was destroyed during the battle against the Hakugei.

Irlam Village (アーラム村): Irlam Village is a village located near Roswaal's Mansion with a population of around 300 people. The name of the village changes based on the surname of the current head. There is also a youth group created by the young people in the village.

Elior Forest: A dense woodland forest currently owned by Roswaal where the Elves once lived. The village owned its own seal who was being guarded by the Elves. About 100 years ago, the forest was attacked by both Pandora and Regulus Corneas, which ended up causing the entire area to be frozen over by Emilia.

  • Seal: The Seal of Elior Forest is a place in the innermost part of the forest. The surroundings of the seal are surrounded by white trees.

Ganaks (ガナクス): A mining city near Elior Forest.

The Forest of Kremaldy (クレマルディ): Kremaldy is the name of the dense forest that surrounds the Sanctuary. It is nicknamed "The Lost Forest" due to the barrier that has prevented explorers from fully explore its depths.

  • Sanctuary (聖域 Seiiki): The Sanctuary is a poor village located within Roswaal's territory which has been taken care of by the various Mathers over the years. The village itself is a group of buildings located in a clearing within the forest and only halves live there. It is surrounded by a short fence with an old stone gate at the entrance. Although Roswaal refers to it as the Sanctuary, the villagers refer to it as the Witch of Greed's Graveyard (強欲の魔女の墓場 Gōyoku no Majo no Hakaba).
  • Sanctuary Barrier (聖域の結界 Seiiki no Kekkai): A barrier created by Echidna that prevents halves from going through it. Any halves that come close to it start to lose consciousness and feel as if their existence is being disturbed. Even if someone takes an unconscious half that has crossed the barrier, they will never awake outside the barrier as their spirit is trapped within it. The barrier checks the blood of those that go near it and only affects those it clearly determines as halves. It also causes those who are not permitted to enter the Sanctuary to get lost.

Costuul (コスツール): A bustling Demi Human town near the main residence of the Mathers Head family. It is rumored that Costuul used to be a dragon pit.

Ladrima (ラドリマ): A village in southwestern Lugnica, bordering the Vollachia Empire, in the southern part of the Barony of Barielle.

Agante (アガンテ) : Agante is a bandit town in southwestern Lugnica, near the Barony of Barielle.

Guineb (ギネブ): Guineb is an inconspicuous city in the mountains of southern Lugnica. The town is built around a magic ore mine, however the mine is already depleted.

Abiate (アビエイト): Abiate is a city in southern Lugnica. The McMahon manor is located a half day's journey from the city.

Mirula (ミルーラ Miruura): Mirula is the closest town to the Augria Sand Dunes.

Augria Sand Dunes (アウグリア砂丘 Auguria Sakyuu): The Augria Sand Dunes is an area located in the far eastern part of the Kingdom of Lugnica. Due to its close proximity to the Witch's Shrine, the Augria Sand Dunes has a high concentration of witch miasma, making it an ideal place for Demon Beasts to live. Demon Beasts that live here are larger than normal, tend to become violent, and some only live in the area.

  • Pleiades Watchtower (プレアデス監視塔第 Pureadesu kanshi-tō dai): The Pleiades Watchtower is a watchtower that is being overseen by Shaula. The tower has six layers and an underground floor. The respective names of each floor from one to six respectively are Maia, Electra, Taygeta, Alcyone, Celaeno, and Asterope.
  • Evil Sealing Stone Shrine (封魔石の祠 Fuumaseki no Hokora): The Evil Sealing Stone Shrine is where Satella is currently sealed.