Louanna Astrea
 Kanji ルアンナ・アストレア
 Romaji Ruanna Asutorea
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Kingdom of Lugnica
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Relative(s) Wilhelm van Astrea (father in law)
Thearesia van Astrea (mother in law)
Heinkel Astrea (husband)
Reinhard van Astrea (son)

Louanna Astrea (ルアンナ・アストレア) is Heinkel Astrea's wife and Reinhard van Astrea's mother.


Louanna is a woman with long hair.


When Reinhard was two years old, Louanna was afflicted with a condition known as Sleeping Beauty (眠り姫 Nemurihime) and is still sleeping to this day without any changes to her body. Some time later, Ferris examined her but determined that she didn't need to be treated.


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