Louis Arneb
 Kanji ルイ・アルネブ
 Romaji Rui Arunebu
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Age Around 40
 Hair Color Dark Brown
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Witch Cult
 Occupation Gluttony Sin Archbishop (satiation)
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Authority Authority of Gluttony
• Debuts•
 Light Novel Arc 5

Louis Arneb (ルイ・アルネブ) is a Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult, representing the satiation aspect of gluttony.


Louis is a large and muscular man with long dark brown hair. According to Otto, Louis has an evil glimmer in his eyes similar to Ley, but "on a different level".

He apparently has the ability to change his body shape into that of Ley's and presumably Roy's as well. As he does this, his bones make noise while changing shape and his body lets out blood and withers.


Unbefitting his stern look, Louis speaks like a woman. He refers to Ley and Roy by their names, hinting that the three of them are siblings. Unlike Ley and Roy, Louis doesn't care much about what he eats, putting more emphasis on who he eats with. Also, the three speak in a collective manner using us and we instead of first or third person.


Authority of Gluttony (暴食の権能 Bōshoku no Ken'nō): Louis is able to use the Authority of Gluttony.

  • Gluttony (暴食 Bōshoku)
    • Louis can eat the name and memories of their opponent. To eat a name, he touches them with his left hand, then licks the palm of the same hand. Things such as experience, talent, and the likes and dislikes of human relationships serve as food for him, allowing him to take advantage of any abilities or memories his opponents had. However, if he eats a fake name, he becomes plagued with severe nausea.
      • Those that have had their names eaten have their existences erased from the world, destroying any human relationships along with preventing the use of magic and negating any contracts with Spirits.
      • Those that have their memories eaten become amnesic and any characteristics they may have had are reset, effectively making them into a different person.
      • Those that have both their name and memories eaten simply become a shell, and although they live, they no longer eat, excrete waste, or age, putting them in suspended animation.
  • Eclipse (蝕)
    • Eclipse is considered to be the trump card of gluttony and is also confirmed to have two types; Solar Eclipse (日食 Nisshoku) and Lunar Eclipse (月食 Gesshoku). The power of both haven't been explained but upon using Lunar Eclipse, the madness and resentment around Ley deepened, which Otto described as becoming sinister on a different level, and his speed increased enough to make others feel as though he had moved in an instant. Louis, while in Ley's form, claimed he couldn't use it properly in his current body but added that he could still completely destroy his opponents.
  • Master Class Fighter: Through accumulation of souls eaten, Louis gains any abilities his victims once had such as martial art techniques and magics except for Spirit Arts and Divine Protections. In turn this has granted him extraordinary combat strength.


  • Louis's last name is also another name for the star Alpha Leporis, which is the brightest star in the Lepus constellation.


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