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  • Sorry sooooooooooory I mixed up the Characters and the story line a bit(especially Roswall) please consider i only have roughly browsed Light novel’s first act... Actually I meant by Satella “taking over” Emilia as the first 1,2 episode when Emilia acted differently and Referred herself as the witch.

    And also. In my opinion.(about the ending) If Subaru is going to tell Emilia that he loves her besides who she is Why does: 1, the animators just finish the story. USUALLY if some details are not explained, it is a connecting point for the next storyline. 2, why was there a brief view of Emilia and Subaru’s first meeting, (which exulted Subaru realizing Emilia’s name was not Satella)

    Beside that I think I understand your point of view. But from my perspective Emilia is really suspicious: Why would she refer herself as the most hated character in Lugnica? Nor Emilia hates Satella too. Will YOU ever refer yourself as the human you hate the most? I don’t think so. So neither Emilia will. (I’m I making any mistaken again?)

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  • Hey Angelo.

    I was thinking about creating an Roswaal's Mansion page but wasn't sure it was okay or necessary. I've got plenty of images and information. Also, I've started this message as the former once had not corresponding titles to the subject.

    Are you fine with me creating an Roswaal's Mansion page? Or can I just add the images on Kingdom of Lugnica's page.

    I also got a lot of Magic pictures, should I add a gallery page for magic and make a tabber with the six elements, or is it unnecessary?

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    • I've gotten most of the new volume stuff on the DanMachi wiki done so I have more time to spend over here again, and I'll look over all of the past edits since I was last here. That being said, I'm definitely going to have to spend more time over there sometime in the future since they announced both a second season and movie yesterday

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    • Oh my, now I’ll defenitelly take a look on the DanMachi Wikia. I watched season 1 en now two, that’s need!

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  • Good evening :)

    I have a problem on the forum, I can not post messages ... Is this normal?

    Thank you in advance :)

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  • Hey Angelo, I want to create a page for the Natsuki Rem IF story, but not sure how I want to call it. There is enough material for it and even for summarizing. There are also a lot of pictures out. I was thinking for the title : Re:IF Starting A Life From Zero. or just Re:Zero Prequel: IF

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  • Arc 5 Chp 31

    Garfiel was one of the few who could use healing magic in Sanctuary.  He d always felt that  it was slightly useless, but, in the event of any emergency,  he hoped  to be able  to do something.  Therefore, Garfiel had poured all of his magical efforts into learning how to heal, and he had a  rough but complete grasp on each field of healing.

    It may not necessarily be definitive, but the healing that did doesn't sound like it's part of his Protection. I had assume the regeration from Earth Sprits was a separate thing after this. But I will let you make the call here.

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  • Hey Angelo, mind checking out the pages I created, if there are some misstranslations or errors.

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    • Titles can be adjusted if needed. I don't know what these are about so the titles might be a bit off for Anastasia's stories:

      アナスタシアの引っ越し絵巻 - Anastasia's Moving Picture Scroll

      アナスタシア立身記念日 - Anastasia Rising in Life Memorial Day

      アナスタシアのカララギ商人道 - Anastasia's Kararagi Merchant Path

      アナスタシアの最優紀行 - Anastasia's Most Important Travelogue

      フェルトちゃんの監禁生活 - Felt-chan's Imprisonment Life

      フェルトちゃん表舞台へ上がる - Felt-chan Rises to the Center Stage

      フェルトちゃん、チンピラを拾う - Felt-chan Gathers Thugs

      フェルトちゃん、愚連隊の結成 - Felt-chan Forms a Hooligan Squad

      スラムの一匹狼、フェルトちゃんの騒々しい日常 - Lone Wolf of the Slums Felt-chan's Noisy Days

      大精霊パックのにゃんにゃん悪巧み - The Great Spirit Pack's Nyan Nyan Tricks

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    • Could you lower the protection on CharMugs or give me the permission. I would like to add the Reala and other CharMug images.

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  • Apperently, the twins of the Astrea house have appeared in the anime.

    Would you mind creating a page about them? Or are you still thinking about the minor character page?

    Edit :

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  • Hey Angelo, i was busy creating my pages untill i wanted to create Hector's page. As i noticed that "Tristitia" and "Acedia" are both the wrong translations.

    • 1 Gula (gluttony) = Daphne
    • 2 Luxuria/Fornicatio (lust, fornication) = Carmilla
    • 3 Avaritia (avarice/greed) = Echidna
    • 4 Superbia (pride, hubris) = Typhon
    • 5 Tristitia (sorrow/despair/despondency) = Hector
    • 6 Ira (wrath) = Minerva
    • 7 Vanagloria (vainglory) = Pandora
    • 8 Acedia (sloth) = Sekhmet
    • 9 Invidia (envy) = Satella

    Therse are the original sins (Envy wasn't originally a sin but that doesn't matter). I noticed that Acedia is actually Sekhmet, and not Hector. Later noticed that Tristia was the new translation for Hector's sin, however, as i kept reading the dutch translations and the english Wikipedia, i noticed that Tristitia would be translated to Despair. Same story for Vainglory though, however, the Wikia never used the term Vanagloria, but already went with Vainglory.

    I would appreciate a respond, and i'm pretty positive with the fact that Tristitia isn't the right translation for a Wikia page.

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  • Best Angelo, I've decided to create a Dutch Re:Zero Wikia. However, I don't understand how the Interlanguage link rquests thingy works. Could you explain/help me out with it?

    Edit : Also, may i use your Character and Charmug Template? I don't know if i can use it without permission.

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    • Are you sure? Making/managing a wiki isn't as easy as you might think it is. As for interwiki links, I'll ask you to wait on that until you add more to your wiki. It doesn't really help to link to empty or nonexistent pages

      Sure, you can use them. I can't read Dutch but I can help out a little if you want

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    • Thank you very much. I know how to use Templates and coding them. I'll just use it, and change the thingies inside the Character page like Female -> Vrouw etc etc.

      The only problem i have is with using inappropriate images. Like Liliana's, what is wrong with her image? She isn't really revealing anything, is she?

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    • Hey Angelo, I've created some pages and it's actually looking pretty good thanks to you. I've added a NoInclude shoutout to you for the Templates.

      Now i got the Emilia page completed (without the Biography/History tab), could you explain how to link between the two wikia or do you want to have a bigger Wikia overall with more pages?

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