Rem Anime
 Kanji レム
 Romaji Remu
• Characteristics•
 Race Oni
 Gender Female
 Age 17(currently suspended)
 Hair Color Sky Blue
 Eye Color Light Blue
 Height 154 cm (5'1")
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Kingdom of Lugnica
Emilia Camp
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Relative(s) Quark (father)
Temae (mother)
Ram (older twin)
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Magic Water Magic
 Weapon Morningstar
• Debuts•
 Light Novel Volume 2
 Manga Chapter 11
 Anime Episode 4
• Portrayal•
 Japanese Voice Minase Inori
 English Voice Brianna Knickerbocker

Rem (レム) is one of the twin maids working for Roswaal L Mathers.


Rem has medium length sky blue hair that covers her right eye, large light blue eyes, and young features. She also has hair clips towards left side of her hair, flower-shaped ribbon on the same side of her hair, and a maid hairband. She looks nearly identical to her sister apart from her hair, eyes, and ribbon coloring. She usually wears a maid uniform, and since her chest is slightly larger than her sister's, she secretly changes the measurements to hide it.

During the Rem IF, she became taller and has long blue hair. She commonly wears a black and white kimono with a gold ribbon.


Rem tends to speak in a superficially polite manner and sometimes acts without thinking. She holds both respect to the point of worship and guilt toward her sister for an incident in the past.

Because of her respect and guilt toward her sister, she used to think of herself as inferior. After Subaru saves her, she falls deeply in love with him, becoming one of his most loyal followers. Rem will stick with him no matter what happens, even if Subaru rejects himself.

Currently Rem has had her name and memories eaten by Ley Batenkaitos, erasing her existence from the world and putting her in suspended animation.


Rem lived along with her father, mother, and her sister Ram in an Oni village. It got attacked by the Witch Cult around 10 years before the beginning of the story, following into her sister's horn being cut off by Faust. The whole village got destroyed along with her parents and the citizens, except for her and Ram.

Ever since, Rem has developed a strong inferiority complex due to a sense of guilt for her sister's injury, so she made the utmost effort to become as ideal a servant as possible. But even having reached a certain level of perfection, she still has a low level of self-esteem and continues to idealize Ram.


Water Magic: Rem is skilled at Water Magic and Roswaal estimates her skill as being in the lower high. She is able to attack and heal using her magic.

  • Huma (ヒューマ): Rem creates a shining water barrier that blocks other projectiles / sorts of magic, though if the incoming magic is stronger than the shield it will inflict rem.
    • El Huma (エル・ヒューマ): Rem shoots multiple ice spikes through the users hand and cuts through human flesh that immediately vanishes after each hit.
    • Al Huma (アル・ヒューマ): Rem creates a sharp ten meter long spear of ice. It can also be modified to trap enemies.

Equipment: Rem wields a Morningstar in combat.

Oni Bloodline (鬼の血族 Oni no Ketsuzoku): As she is an Oni, Rem can enter her Oni Form, manifesting a single white horn on her forehead. The horn increases her physical abilities and acts as a gate which gathers mana from the atmosphere.


  • According to the author, Rem's birthday is February 2, the same as her twin sister Ram.