Ricardo Welkin Anime
Ricardo Welkin
 Kanji リカード・ウェルキン
 Romaji Rikaado Werukin
• Characteristics•
 Race Kobold
 Gender Male
 Age 40 (Arc 5+)
39 (Arc 3-4)
 Hair Color Dark Brown
 Eye Color Blue
 Height 206 cm (6'9")
 Weight 140 kg+ (309 lb+)
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Kararagi
Fang of Iron
Anastasia Camp
 Occupation Mercenary Captain
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Weapon Cleaver
• Debuts•
 Light Novel Volume 7
 Manga Chapter 5 (Flashback)
Chapter 24 (Actual)
 Anime Episode 19
• Portrayal•
 Japanese Voice Nomura Kenji

Ricardo Welkin (リカード・ウェルキン) is one of Anastasia Hoshin's followers and the captain of mercenary group Fang of Iron.


Ricardo has blue eyes and dark brown hair decorated the front as a pompadour. He has a muscular build and wears a black pants, black wrist guards, and white wrappings in his dark colored clothes. He also wears a shoulder guard that has a logo, represents the Hoshin Trading Company.

In Anastasia's flashback of the manga, Ricardo legs are covered in a white wrapping on his ankles and wears waraji on his feet.


Ricardo is occasionally outgoing, he talks in a loud voice like a heavy wind blowing. As the captain of the Fang of Iron, he usually calms his teammates down right before battling, such as making jokes to make others laugh.

Ricardo also tends to be rash and due to his habit of heading straight into battle, he usually listens to Hetaro's orders while in battle.


Physical Fighter: Ricardo mainly fights hand to hand using both instinct and intuition honed over many years.


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