A page explaining the various terms.


Demi Human War (亜人戦争): A war that lasted for ten years roughly 50 to 40 years earlier. Due to the actions of the Witch of Envy, Half Elves and other half races were considered to be heretical, with the prejudice extending to Demi Humans themselves. Amidst all of that, a Demi Human village was involved in a conflict with a Human village, and at a peace conference those sent from the castle were assassinated, leading both sides to claim that it was the other side's fault. The conflict eventually grew until it spread across Lugnica, lasting until the Demi Humans admitted that it wouldn't benefit anyone to keep on fighting, though they still claimed not to be responsible for the assassination. The decision to end the war was considered to have brought about by the Sword Saint's actions. Damage from the war existed deep within people and people still harbor prejudice against half races even if it isn't spoken aloud.

Food: Various foods are known by different names, such as Ringa (リンガ) for apple (ringo), Lemom (レモム) for lemon, Solte (ソルテ) for salt, Peppa (ペッパ) for pepper, Vinegee (ビネギー) for vinegar, and Pimaru (ピーマル) for bell pepper (piman).

Demon Beast (魔獣): See Demon Beast.

Witch Cult (魔女教): See Witch Cult.

Witches of Sin (大罪魔女): See Witches of Sin.

E・M・?: Various shortened phrases Subaru uses to praise Emilia. These include E・M・B (Emilia-tan Maji Bara), E・M・F (Emilia-tan Maji Fairy), E・M・H (Emilia-tan Maji Healer), E・M・K (Emilia-tan Maji Kishidou), E・M・K (Emilia-tan Maji Koakuma), E・M・M (Emilia-tan Maji Megami), and E・M・T (Emilia-tan Maji Tenshi).

Book of Wisdom (叡智の書): The Book of Wisdom is a white book crafted by Echidna that allows her to draw knowledge from the world's memory. The mind of an ordinary person attempting to read it would be fried out of the sheer amount of knowledge flowing into the reader's mind.

Royal Election (王選): An election to decide on who will become the 42nd King of Lugnica. The elections spans for three years until the same day, which is the day a month before the ritual with Volcanica. The five candidates are Emilia, Crusch Karsten, Anastasia Hoshin, Priscilla Barielle, and Felt, all of whom were chosen by the insignias.

Dragon History Stone: A large stone lithograph bequeath by Volcanica to the late royal family that could foretell the fate of country. It's been used as a guideline to shape the Lugnica's future such as the Royal Selection.

Od (オド): Od is energy that is present inside of a living thing from the beginning, making it the opposite of mana, which can be taken in from a being's surroundings. Unlike mana, using od is similar to using yourself, and so using it isn't recommended.

Od Laguna (オド・ラグナ): The Od Laguna is a storage of mana located at the origin of the world. No one knows where it is located or whether it has a will of its own. It is said that those who awaken to prohibited arts have had their spirits destroyed by looking at it. Some speculate that it is the world's will and gives Divine Protection to people.

Karnago Powder (カルナゴの粉末): Powder with a strong odor that can erase a person's body odor along with the powder's smell within minutes if applied to the body.

Warning Stone (警戒石): Warning Stones are capable of alerting people of intruders.

Crystal Lamp (結晶灯): Crystal Lamps gather mana from the atmosphere during the day and can be lit at night by using the accumulated mana.

Time Tower (刻限塔): Time Towers are tall buildings with a time crystal placed in them, similar to a clocktower. Many cities and villages have them and multiple towers are placed within each one.

Trials (試練): The trials are three different events that take place at Echidna's Grave at night and clearing them releases the barrier on the Sanctuary. Only halves and people who have been given the right by Echidna may take the trials. If anyone unworthy enters, they suffer ill effects such as feeling bad or getting injured. The effects are stronger the more the person is talented.

  • The First Trial (第一の試練): The beginning phrase is "First off, face your past". The trial taker is shown their past and told to get rid of any regret by either accepting or rejecting their past. The trial is finished if the trial taker either accepts that they change or decides that they won't change.
  • The Second Trial (第二の試練): The beginning phrase is "See the unimaginable present". The trial taker experiences themselves living a different life. The trial is finished if the trial taker chooses reality over their dream.
  • The Third Trial (第三の試練): The beginning phrase is "Face the impending disaster". The trial taker becomes consciousness and is shown probable futures they will experience. The trial is finished if the trial taker chooses to keep on going even if they know that a tragic future is waiting for them.

Divine Dragon Ritual (神龍儀): A ritual between Volcanica and either the king or a shrine maiden of the Kingdom of Lugnica where the pledge is reviewed. The next ritual will be held three years and a month after the beginning of the royal election.

Evil Repelling Crystal (退魔水晶): A crystal that can negate the effects of magic. Several were used at once to repel the Hakugei's mist.

Recognition Obstruction Robe (認識阻害のローブ): A robe that allows the wearer to obstruct anyone from perceiving them, unless the wearer allows it or the person is strong enough to overcome its effects.

Valgren (バルグレン): Valgren was a vicious three headed dragon that lived in southern Lugnica 40 years prior. Out of the 500 knights sent to kill it, 50 were killed and 200 were annihilated before it was killed.

Fannel Fruit (ファネルの実): The Funnel Fruit is a small fruit that when taken as powder can make a person's body feel hot, make them honest, and bring about strong drowsiness.

Gospel (福音): A black book that lists the holder's future. The information is more detailed if the miscalculation between the holder and the world memory is low.

  • Roswaal and Beatrice's Gospel Book (ロズワールとベアトリスの福音書): Two complete gospel books created by Echidna for Roswaal and Beatrice. They allow the holder to use a limited version of the Book of Wisdom and only two exist in the entire world. Roswaal's book was destroyed by Ram and Beatrice disposed of hers to form a contract with Subaru.
  • Witch Cult's Gospel (魔女教徒の福音): Incomplete gospel books that are given to potential Witch Cult members. They show the members a route to a future they desire through vague details. These books can only be read by the holder and appear to be incomprehensible to others.

Seasons (季節): The seasons in the world are categorized into “Red-Sun, Blue-Sun, Yellow-Sun, and Green-Sun”, with each matching a different elemental magic type.


Elf (エルフ): Elves are a race of Demi Humans known for their longevity and beauty. Because of the Witch of Envy, Elves were also the target of prejudice from others. Almost all Elves are currently frozen in Elior Forest.

Oni (鬼): The Oni are a strong race of Demi Humans known for their strong bodies and mana quality. Despite their strength, they are generally a peaceful race, and tend to live in villages in the mountains away from others. Most Oni have two horns, however those with one or no horns are known as Hornless (ツノナシ), and any Oni born with one horn are killed soon after birth. The village Ram and Rem lived in 10 years prior was the last Oni village, effectively making them the only two Oni left in the entire world. Roswaal remarks that the Oni's demise was because of natural selection, as they refused to accept new ideas, and not because of discrimination or prejudice.

Giant (巨人): Giants are a Demi Human race of massive people with tremendous strength. They fought in various places during wartime and because of that their numbers had dwindled. Currently, the only Giant in the royal capital is Rom.


Divine Protection (加護): See Divine Protection.

Magic (魔法): See Magic.

Spirit Magic (精霊術): Spirit Magic is a type of craft similar to magic that Spirit Users employ.

Spirit User (精霊使い): Spirit Users, such as Emilia, are people that are contracted with Spirits, and use them in various situations. There are three different classes of Spirits; Minute Spirits (微精霊 Biseirei), Quasi Spirits (準精霊 Junseirei), and Spirits (精霊 Seirei). There are also man made Spirits known as Artificial Spirits (人工精霊 Jinkou Seirei) which were created by the witch Echidna. Unlike Magic users, Spirit Users gather mana from outside their body.

Curse: A subcategory of spiritual and magical arts that originated from the country of Gusteko. The most notable traits about curses is they cannot be defend against once activated and they are most effective class of magic when comes to killing. However physical contract between the caster and target are mandatory for curse to work. Furthermore unlike mana-based magic, Curses are only limited to taking lives and have no other application in society beyond that. This caused the practice to become taboo leading it to fall out of favor among mainstream Magicians. Incidentally there are Demon Beasts such as Wolgarm who are capable of inflicting curse spells through their bites and stealing mana of the victim.

Authority (権能): See Authority.

Witch Genes (魔女因子): Witch Genes are special genes that enable people to use Authorities.


Kingdom of Lugnica (ルグニカ王国): See Kingdom of Lugnica.

  • Alam Village (アーラム村)
  • Sanctuary (聖域)
  • Sanctuary Barrier (聖域の結界)
  • Mirula (ミルーラ)
  • Augria Sand Dunes (アウグリア砂丘)
  • Evil Sealing Stone Shrine (封魔石の祠)

Kararagi (カララギ): See Kararagi.

Vollachia Empire (ヴォラキア帝国): See Vollachia Empire.

  • Garkla (ガークラ)

Gusteko (グステコ): See Gusteko.

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