Thearesia van Astrea Anime
Thearesia van Astrea
 Kanji テレシア・ヴァン・アストレア
 Romaji Tereshia van Asutorea
 Alias Sword Saint (剣聖 Kensei)
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Hair Color Red
 Eye Color Blue
• Professional Status•
 Previous Affiliation Kingdom of Lugnica
House Astrea
 Previous Occupation Knight
• Personal Status•
 Status Deceased
 Relative(s) Reid Astrea (ancestor)
Tishua Astrea (mother)
Veltol Astrea (father)
Fribal van Astrea (uncle)
Thames Astrea (older brother)
Carlan Astrea (older brother)
Cassiles Astrea (younger brother)
Wilhelm van Astrea (husband)
Heinkel Astrea (son)
Louanna Astrea (daughter in law)
Reinhard van Astrea (grandson)
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Divine Protection Reaper
Various others
 Weapon Dragon Sword Reid
Holy Sword Astrea
Longsword (Arc 5)
• Debuts•
 Light Novel Volume 7 (flashback)
Volume 17 (body)
 Manga Chapter 31 (flashback)
 Anime Episode 20 (flashback)
• Portrayal•
 Japanese Voice Takahashi Minami

Thearesia van Astrea (テレシア・ヴァン・アストレア) was the former Sword Saint and Wilhelm van Astrea's wife and the hero of civil war 40 years prior to the main story. She went missing while fighting the White Whale 14 years ago and is currently presumed dead.


She was tall and had long red hair with flowers attached to it, blue eyes and a white complexion. She used to wear a white dress when operating as a knight of the Royal Guard, while in her free time she wore a green and white dress


Thearesia was described as an open-minded sociable person who had a fatal flaw of shoving aside her own personal feelings while only focusing on that of others. Despite her immense talent and lineage she never wanted to be a swordsman and take up the mantle of the "Sword Saint". However, certain circumstances forced her to resign to her fate in order to end the civil war and protect the love ones she had left. This eventually led Wilhelm to "take" the sword from her and free her from a life of bondage by duty. Thearesia was avid flower lover and could be found viewing them in ruins where she and Wilhelm routinely met in her spare time.


Divine Protection (加護 Kago): As the Sword Saint, Thearesia had many Divine Protections, however she was born with the Divine Protection of Grim Reaper (死神の加護 Shinigami no Kago). Slashes imbued with the Divine Protection's power leave wounds that are unable to be healed. The power of the Divine Protection increases the closer she is to the target, and she can even reopen wounds others have if they are close enough and were originally inflicted by her.

  • Sword Saint (剣聖 Kensei): Thearesia became the Sword Saint when she was 12 years old.

Master Swordsman: Thearesia was highly skilled at using the sword.

Equipment: As the Sword Saint, Thearesia wields the Dragon Sword Reid (龍剣レイド Ryuuken Reido). The sword can only be drawn against opponents it deems worthy for it to be used against. She also wielded the Holy Sword Astrea (聖剣アストレア Seiken Asutorea), her favorite sword, which was later inherited by her son, Heinkel Astrea.


  • Thearesia was born on the June 12, Lovers day.