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    Since I have made a theory on each of the authorities origin, purposes and abilities in my last blog, I should focuse on the Authority of Envy this time, specifically on its abilities. Here it goes.

    Jealousy Inducement: Like the Authority of Wrath, Maybe one of the Authority of Envy's possible abilities is the the ability to induce massive amounts of jealousy on someone, to a point were the victim would want to kill and turn against the people they were made to be jealous of.

    Identity/Ability theift and usage: Like the Authority of Gluttony, Maybe one of the possible abilities is to steal any aspect of your victim ( name, memory, relationships, abilities, appearrence, intellegence, etc.) and use it to your advantage.

    Destruction Inducement: M…

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  • Crazy Suzy

    Ok, so for a while I have been coming up with thoughts about each of the authorities abilities, so this is just from the knowledge I have obtained from the info on this wiki, so here goes nothing!

    OK so I noticed that each authority of the original witch of sin has, represents the desire and what a person with each sin lacks for example: 

    Sloth: someone who is Slothful would want to be lazy and they lack activity, all spirituallly, emotionally, physically and mentally, and Sloths fulfillment is its own desire- being llazy in any way. This reflects itself in the version 2 of the Authority of Sloth, as the unseen hand allows to move things without doing anything and cause insanity on its target. So its possible that the original Sloth ability …

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