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  • I live in The Pleiades Watchtower
  • I was born on November 4
  • My occupation is Kingdom Lugnica's Sage
  • I am Female
  • Gracedharperd

    So this is my Theory behind every Sin arbishop. i know some may not even be possible... but oh well correct me if that is the case

    Ley Batenkaitos (gluttony (gourmet)) = (Look Louis)

    Roy Alphard (gluttony (bizarre eating)) = (Look Louis)

    Louis Arneb (gluttony (satiation)) = i think because he looks diffrent of the others Gluttony sin arbishops, he is a real person. because as you have seen with the White whales. The White Whale can clone himself but a little bit diffrent and way less stronger. so what if Louis is the Real one. and made 2 little buddies to help him eat people. could be possible right?

    Sirius (wrath) = MY theory is still that she is the dead aunt of Emilia. It is possible since the author has said that Fortuna has the same color…

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