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    November 11, 2016 by Viperys

    There are several things we know about mana \ od. First is like a free energy which can be inhaled \ exhaled through the gate. The amount of second is decided at birth, and slowly vanishes until there is nothing left, BLAM, natural death. Mana amount one can manipulate (that's my wild guess) is related to od's pool - because Emilia is a half-elf, lives ridiculously long, has the biggest manapool of them all. Mana is not homogeneous and is split in six subcategories, two of them are pretty rare. They are water \ ground \ wind \ fire (ice as in absence of fire), yin (debuffs), yang (buffs). You weave spells by manipulating those elements, the harder the spell, the more complex the structure. You can actually invent new spells as long as you …

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    Crack theory!

    What if Re:Zero's central theme is IMMORTALITY?

    Look at it this way: so far there were shown several people who can avoid death one way or another, and in the novels, several more were actively trying to do it. 

    Here's a list with users who bear different consequences for their different methods of preserving a pattern known as them.

    Subaru - endless loops of terror and suffering with the ability to redo future. I guess he will die once his time has come naturally.

    atella - sealed away in a shrine, unable to die, but somewhat still able to manifest in the real world.

    Felix - dude with a healing water magic so potent, he can even animate the dead, including himself.

    Reinhard - his blessing of eternal fuck you grants him a wish every …

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